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Wei industry for 20 years to focus on
the overall solution of the battery solution

The company is engaged in investment, research and development, production and sales service of high and new type valve controlled all sealed lead-acid battery,
solar (deep circulation) battery, colloid battery and battery pole.

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About Wei Ye Tong

Shenzhen Weiyi Technology Co., Ltd. has a dedicated staff and strong R & D capability toquickly respond to customer needs, provide customer - based products and end - to - endservices to help customers succeed in business. Adhere to customer centered, integrity and responsibility oriented.Corporate culture, whenever and wherever it is, will go all out to help customers achievebusiness success, and through our joint efforts, only the success of our customers will haveour success... more > > >

★ The overall solution of battery energy
★ National 24 hour fast response service
★ Perfect after sale, worry about no later
★ Manufacturer's strength, quality assurance

The six big reasons for the choice of the top 500 enterprises

Perfect management, excellent quality and good service word-of-mouth, product quality, price, after-sale, technology & market, we all have done the best.

Reliable product quality

Our products have been tested by the US UL, European CE andnational battery testing center. All products adopt cutting-edgetechnology with excellent performance and reliable quality.Products are exported to all parts of the world.

High cost performance products

Adhere to improve product design, improve process flow,improve product performance while controlling product costs,to provide you with high cost-effective products

Excellent after-sale service

Abandoning the complicated after-sales declaration process,we set up a special team of after-sales engineers to handlethe product or operation problems for you quickly.

Professional technical ability

We have 20 years of battery production experience. We havestudied most of the battery - based industries. We haveprofessionalengineers to configure the batteries that are mostsuitable for your equipment.

Continuous product development

According to market research and customer feedback, wecontinuously upgrade existing products and develop newproducts to meet market demand.

Comprehensive product types

Our products include battery, lithium battery, solar energybattery, solar panel, inverter, controller, solar street lamp,battery rack, buried box, battery charger and so on. Fullcoverage allows you to purchase all products one stop.


Over the past 98 years, we have provided qualityservices to global "6000+" customers every year.


Over the past 98 years, we have supplied "2 million800 thousand +" batteries to customers every year.